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About Chic Me

What is Chic Me?

Chic Me is a unique shopping website with a distinctive tone focusing on women's fash-ion. We offer high performance-price products including women's clothing, jewelry, beauty & health products, shoes, bags, home goods, and more. Our vision is to bring happiness into every woman's life.

Features of Chic Me include, but are not limited to:

How does Chic Me work?

Chic Me capitalizes on our direct relationships with clothing makers to pass on savings on hot fashions to shoppers around the globe. Our intuitive app learns about your fashion taste to help recommend relevant products as they become available.

We encourage shoppers to have fun showing off their unique styles in our Lookbook. The Lookbook community allows you to earn coupons and credits for future purchases, while also serving as a guide on the products we sell for prospective customers.

Chic Me users can receive 200 credits for each Lookbook submission they make. The owner of the photo that gains the most "likes" will receive 2,000 credits in a weekly con-test. 100 credits is equal to $1 USD.

Shopping with Chic Me

Is shopping with Chic Me safe?

Chic Me was founded by people with nearly 10 years in the e-commerce industry. We take your business seriously and, above all, want our customers to be happy. We ac-cept a number of the most-trusted online payment methods available today.

How do I receive assistance with my order?

Our team of customer service representatives is standing by to assist customers along every step of the way - from just browsing, to ordering and shipping (and when nec-essary, returning as well). You can reach our customer service department by selecting "Contact Us" in the Chic Me app under "Settings," or directly by email at


What payment options do I have with Chic Me?

Chic Me accepts secure payments via PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

Will I be charged for customs, taxes, VATs, or other extra fees?

Chic Me does not collect fees for any costs other than the products we sell and ship-ping. In some unique cases, it is possible your local post office may request additional fees for customs, taxes or VATs. If you have any questions regarding such fees, please contact your local post office.

What currency does Chic Me sell in?

Chic Me sells in 14 international currencies. They are as follows:

How to pay with a credit card:


What countries does Chic Me ship to?

Our merchants ship products to countries around the globe. We will notify you in the product description in the event that a particular merchant does not ship to your coun-try.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Chic Me products generally take three-to-five weeks to arrive at their destinations in Western countries by standard shipping. This timeframe begins from the time that a product is delivered to the carrier service by our merchants. Because we work with a number of different merchants, it is typical for items ordered from multiple merchants to arrive at their destinations separately.

Express shipping is available at an elevated cost for customers who wish to receive their items on an urgent basis.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

Shipping costs are determined by our merchants and range from $1 to $5 USD per item.

How do I track my order's progress?

Users are able to track orders by accessing "Orders" under the "Me" section. Then se-lect "Order History" -> "Details" -> "Order Status."

If you have any trouble tracking an order on your own you can contact a member of our customer service department and provide your registered email address and/or order number. Just select "Contact Us" under "Settings" in the Chic Me app, or send us an email directly at

Refunds and Returns

How do I receive my refund?

In the event you are unhappy with your order, we are able to provide full refunds to customers once the products are shipped back to us. In the event that shipping costs would exceed the value of your items, we will provide a 30% refund on your unre-turned items.

What if my order is damaged or defective?

In the unfortunate case that one of our products arrives damaged or defective, Chic Me offers full refunds. We ask that you provide a photo of the product to our customer ser-vice department so that we may work to process your refund request. Just select "Con-tact Us" under "Settings" in the Chic Me app, or email us directly at

Coupons and Credits

Chic Me offers our customers both coupons and credits as ways to save money on fu-ture purchases. Credits and coupons are stored in your Wallet.

Credits are offered to users in exchange for interacting in our app. Some examples are making submissions to our Lookbook or writing a "Suggestion & Error Report." 100 credits are equal in value to $1 USD.

Coupons are offered as prizes in certain promotions and giveaways. Coupons are al-lotted in USD denominations. Be sure to use your coupons on time - they will expire after a two-month time period!

Consult coupon and credit policies under "settings" for more details


How does the Lookbook work?

We here at Chic Me are very proud of our Lookbook feature. The community was de-signed to give users a platform to show off their own unique styles, all while earning Chic Me coupons and credits while doing so. What's more, is that the community serves as a valuable resource for other potential customers as they consider things like style, sizing, etc.

How do I upload my photos?

Adding your submission to the Lookbook is simple. Just:

Please be sure to keep your submissions tasteful.

What can I get for my photos?

Chic Me users can receive 200 credits for each Lookbook submission. The owner of the photo that gains the most "likes" will receive 2,000 credits in a weekly contest. 100 credits is equal to $1 USD.

Unsubscribing from Chic Me

How do I stop receiving emails from Chic Me?

Chic Me provides the option to opt-out of future messages at the bottom of every email we send.

How do I delete my Chic Me account?

If you signed up for Chic Me using your Facebook ID you may turn off Chic Me's Fa-cebook privileges using your computer or mobile device.

On your computer, visit Then select the "X" on the Chic Me icon.

On your Facebook app, just choose "Account Settings" in the menu. Then choose "Apps" -> "Chic Me" -> "Remove ChicMe."

Unfortunately there is no option currently available for email-based users who would like to delete their Chic Me account.